CPM – for flights to USA

An advanced security application deployed before the check-in of passengers at airport counters. It is designed to assist security staff in the security auditing of passengers.

About CPM

  • Web based application that is fully integrated with TravelDoc
  • Over 700 units deployed in 32 airports servicing over 90% of all US bound traffic from Europe
  • Auditing passengers against the strict requirements issued by the US Department of Homeland Security
  • Designed specifically to allow processing of passengers to be undertaken in areas where internet connections are limited or unstable
  • Handles thousands of simultaneous connections whilst processing large amounts of data with virtually zero latency or lag time

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Key Benefits

  • Eliminates TSA compliance challenges and increased costs
  • Easy to deploy anywhere in the airport on mobile devices (kiosks, tablets & mobile phones)
  • Checks and cross references passenger itinerary and document information to streamline passenger pre-screening process
  • Can integrate directly with airline DCS / reservation to pull passenger information or use data feed pushed to ICTS