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Why choose ICTS Europe Systems?

ICTS Europe Systems is the leading provider of technology-based travel solutions to the global aviation industry. Our expertise is unrivalled and acquired through working within the world’s most demanding airport environments, in some of the most remote regions, and hand in glove with the world’s leading airline brands.

This pedigree and insight has been combined with a technical prowess and cutting edge technology to break free from traditional conventions and consistently address the unique security, operational and technological challenges faced by the aviation industry.

Our innovations improve travel for hundreds of millions of passengers every year and deliver greater security, efficiency, and a competitive edge, for our customers, time and again. A diversity of solutions and market leading capabilities.

  • Global reach from Europe through to Asia and North America.
  • 365 days a year customer support
  • Multilingual support across a wide range of our solutions
  • Web based dynamic passenger document verification
  • Cloud based digital identity and touchless check in.
  • Specialist data and security services.
  • Fully mobile and rapidly deployable check in kiosks.
  • Fully automated passenger document verification systems.
  • SMART Airport solutions.
  • Touchless biometrics and body temperature verification